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MMH undergoes survey, state visit, and Med Room compliance visit

McCurtain Memorial Hospital (MMH) announced on Sunday that over the last three weeks the hospital underwent three visits or surveys from licensing and compliance entities.

The first visit was a Oklahoma state licensing branch that is charged with ensuring the hospitals Medication Room (Pharmacy) is compliant with state and federal regulations. The visit yielded not a single deviation noted.

The hospitals Med Room is overseen by Dr. Susan Ritter and Registered Nurse, Scout Dorsey, the departments Director.

"Susan and Scout are a top-notch team. They've both lead the pharmacy with such precision and skill. We're very proud of their team and the work they've done for our patients and this community." CEO Brian Whitfield said.

Also visiting was the Oklahoma State Department of Health and DNV, a federally approved accreditation surveyor that is required to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs (CMS).

The hospital received no conditional level findings during the day-and-a-half onsite survey. There were changes noted to be made to consent documents and processes which the hospital is implementing.

The DNV visit began on Tuesday and wrapped up Wednesday. During the visit, every department was visited and surveyed.

"It is very clear that this hospital has some great people who are dedicated and committed to doing the right things," the surveyors said. "We can clearly see that there is a focus on patient care and best practices," they said.

The hospital undergoes a visit from DNV each year between April and June. The previous visit this year was cancelled following bomb threats to the hospital. The surveyors will return in the spring of 2024 for the hospitals full accreditation survey which will last 2-3 days.

"This hospital has faced a number of challenges and we've had our share of setbacks," Brian Whitfield, the hospitals CEO said. "But we've never waivered on our commitment to great patient care." he continued.

The hospital is designated as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and is licensed for 25 inpatient beds. The hospital Emergency Room receives as many as 15,000 visits per year and has a general surgery program, obstetrics (labor and delivery), acute inpatient, swing bed and more.

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Darla Batton
Darla Batton
Dec 17, 2023

Good job MMH!

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