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Mission, Vision, and Values


Together, we are committed to provide an exceptional healthcare experience to our community through compassion, dedication, and teamwork alike.


Beyond everything, we strive to act as stewards of healthcare and to uphold daily, the ethics and values we hold dear as providers. Through our actions at McCurtain Memorial Hospital, we embody not only an understanding of our mission but also a service to our community through compassion and commitment alike. Above all else, we serve our patients together as family.


  •   We understand the importance of respect, compassion, and integrity for each and every individual we have the privilege to serve.

  • We aim to establish key partnerships to better service on behalf of our community while maintaining and upholding our pledge to our patients.

  • We accept the responsibility to treat each individual we encounter with the utmost dignity and respect.   We will always strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes progress, stability, and consistency that serves our communities and families to the highest standard.

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