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Hospital CFO obtains new certification from NRHA

McCurtain Memorial Hospital's, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Kena Allen, graduated last Thursday with an additional certification for Rural Health CFO's through the National Rural Health Association (NRHA).

Kena started her classes in March of this year, and took her last class in November. The curriculum included courses on leadership, operations, finances, and different clinical aspects.

“Some was a refresher, but I was able to gain a lot of knowledge with multiple areas throughout the program.” Kena told us.

The program itself is designed for current rural hospital CFO's or individuals interested in taking that path. The program is also designed by top performing rural executives who were looking to help others excel in the CFO realm.

Allen has been an employee of the hospital for over a quarter of a century and has served in various roles throughout the hospital. In the Spring of 2022, hospital CEO, Brian Whitfield, promoted Allen to the executive leadership role of CFO.

"Kena is one of the hardest working, brightest people I have ever had the privilege of working with and has made this hospital a better institution because of her work ethic," Whitfield said.

"I have watched Kena tirelessly devote her time and skills to ensuring the financial soundness of this hospital and under her leadership, there as never been a question of whether she has the hospital's viability at heart." Whitfield continued. "This is a lady who not only pushes herself to be better each and every day, but she also insists that those on her team are the best they can be. She truly drives excellence." he said.

Over the last two years almost, Kena has seen to the implementation of a number of new initiatives tha include converting MMH's three rural clinics to Rural Health Clinics (RHC) and implementing the 340(B) drug program which offers discounts to low income families for perscription medications. Kena also oversaw the implementation of a successful patient-lending program that allows patients who cannot afford their bill's to finance the bill out on terms that they choose.

Recently, Kena has worked with a private grant-writing firm to secure grants on behalf of the hospital and through federal tax programs, secured dollars from an employee retetion tax credit program.

In her day-to-day, Kena oversee's several departments within the hospital. The hospital's Registration Department, Business Office, Medical Records, Materials Management and Accounting offices all report to her.

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