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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Update on New Hospital

McCurtain Memorial, members of the McCurtain County Authority Board and McCurtain Memorial Medical Management, Inc have all jointly been working the last few weeks vetting architects and contractors suitable for the new hospital construction project.

In November, CEO Brian Whitfield, reached out to the Oklahoma Hospital Association (OHA) for recommendations on reputable companies that were insured and bonded in the state as well as a good reputation in new hospital design and construction.

Hospital design and construction is a beast to navigate. Countless codes, regulations and requirements must be met and adhered to. With this, it is important that the right architect and contractor be selected.

Several times a week the last few weeks, meetings have been held with prospective architects and contractors with experience in this field that dates back over 100 years. A number of factors are being considered in the vetting process to include experience, capability and having the resources for such a project.

Purchase of the land at the Idabel Airport is still being worked on. Our last update from the county is that there was a matter involving the land that requires probating and that requires a 60-day waiting period. Thereafter, the county will presumably close on the property.

The initial plan for the new hospital is a 60-70,000 square foot, single-level facility that will occupy approximately 20 acres of the 100+ acres being purchased.

Soon, MMH intends to release a very rough floor plan that is by no means to scale - but that allows voters to see a generalized layout.

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