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MMH lockdown lifted, no patients or staff were in harms way

For Immediate Release

At approximately 8:30PM, CEO Brian Whitfield was informed that a a person stated he was on his way to McCurtain Memorial Hospital to harm himself in front of a female that he was in a relationship with. MMH’s security, along with their Director, and law enforcement from the Idabel Police Department and McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office responded.

In an abundance of caution, the hospital was left on lockdown until law enforcement confirmed that they had made contact with the male individual. At approximately 9:04PM, MMH’s Director of Security advised that law enforcement had made contact with the male individual and that he was no longer a threat to the hospital or himself.

At no time during the lockdown was patients or staff in danger.

A lockdown is a call made by executive leadership at MMH anytime that there is a risk of harm to a patient, staff member, visitor or property. During a lockdown, all doors are sealed and the only traffic allowed in is through the Emergency Room entrance. Patients may still seek treatment during a lockdown, but there are no visitors allowed to enter. All areas of the hospital are locked down as well. Brian Whitfield Chief Executive Officer

## End of Release ##

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