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McCurtain Memorial Hospital – Virtual ED Psychiatric services

For those experiencing a mental health or addiction emergency, it’s important to know that expert psychiatric and addiction medicine services are available in the emergency department at McCurtain Memorial Hospital.


Through a partnership with OSU Virtual Care, board-certified psychiatrists, addiction specialists and behavioral health clinicians are available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. to provide psychiatric assessment and treatment through virtual consultation.


Using the latest audio/video technology along with the assistance of on-site medical staff, our team members meet with patients to assess and treat their immediate behavioral health needs. Once stabilized, a long-term care plan is developed in coordination with local health professionals and facilities.


Patients who receive early intervention of an acute behavioral health emergency have a higher rate of successful treatment with fewer disabling symptoms, less-intensive treatment and lower costs.


Virtual emergency psychiatric consultations increase the number of health professionals serving a community which increases accessibility to timely and much-needed care, improves outcomes and reduces time in the ER or hospital.

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