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Medical/Surgery Unit

Medical surgical nursing is a specialty that cares for patients who have a wide variety of illnesses, injuries, and needs. It’s a diverse field that demands extensive knowledge and provides a large variety of opportunities. 

According to the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, this nursing specialty is the single largest in the US. At MMH, our MedSurg nurses deliver quality care with compassion.

Lane Manginell is the Director of MedSurg nursing at McCurtain Memorial Hospital. Affectionately known amongst his peers as "Skittles," Lane's experience includes working on a cardiac stepdown Unit. Lane has a passion for cardiac care and hope's to one day offer that to McCurtain Memorial.


Lane's philosophy of treating the patient how he would want himself and his family to be treated, radiates throughout the MedSurg Unit at MMH. With everything he and his team does, they keep this in mind always striving to do what’s best for the patient. 


Lane believes as a nurse, his highest priority is to be able to feel like he is providing quality care to each and every patient. Lane wants to be able to provide the resources staff need to accomplish this goal and it begins with his leadership.


Lane met his wife, Kayla, at Detroit high school and together, they each obtained their nursing degree from Paris Junior College. His wife is an amazing nursery nurse and an even better wife, Lane said.  Lane's world revolves around his 1-year-old son Kaden. In Lane's  free time he like's to break things in the cow pasture and do some fishing.