Chief Executive Officer
Brian Whitfield
580-208-3100  |

Chief Financial Officer
Kena Allen
580-208-3100  |

Chief Nursing Officer
Dustin Leonard, RN, BBA
580-208-3100  |

Executive Administrative Assistant
Ashlin Butler
580-208-3100 |

The executive leadership team at McCurtain Memorial Hospital is charged with the responsibility of overall management and director of the hospital. Each member of the executive leadership team works together for the good of the hospital, its employees and the people of the community.

Soon to be located in the North Tower of the hospital, the executive leadership team meets daily with all department heads to ensure that the teams' vision for the hospital is carried out. Regardless of the title or position held, all the hospitals management team works closely to ensure that we're providing healthcare that is second to none while also creating and maintaining a professional work environment where our employees feel they can reach their highest potential and advance their careers if seeking to do so.

The executive leadership team is available to the public, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Our Sr. Administrative Assistant, Leslie McGovern, has over 20 years with McCurtain Memorial Hospital and will gladly assist in getting you to the right administrator to assist you.