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The DNV Accreditation

DNV accreditation demonstrates McCurtain Memorial Hospital and Rural Health Clinic compliance with DNV national standards for healthcare quality and safety. The hospital undergoes a re-accreditation survey every (3) three years, but by contract, receives a survey annually. 

Anyone who has concerns about patient care and safety that have not been addressed through the patient complaint systems process or hospital's management, is encouraged to contact theDNV's Office of Quality Monitoring. Report any concerns or register complaints about aDNV-accredited healthcare organization by one of the following means:


DNV Complaint Process

DNV provides five channels for submitting a hospital complaint:



Phone: 866-496-9647

Fax: 281-870-4818

DNV Healthcare USA Inc.
Attn: Hospital Complaints
4435 Aicholtz Road, Suite 900
Cincinnati, OH 45245

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