McCurtain Memorial Hospital - the leading provider of healthcare in Southeast Oklahoma.

About McCurtain Memorial Hospital


Mission, Vision & Values

McCurtain Memorial Hospital exists to provide excellence in healthcare. Our vision is to strive to be the healthcare provider of choice in our community.

We also understand that action speaks louder than words and that is why we take our mission and vision seriously. We constantly monitor our performance through Performance Improvement activities designed to improve our services. We also value your feedback. We use Press Ganey Inc., a national survey firm, to survey our patients in a professional and unbiased way to help us learn where we can make improvements. We train our nurses and other personnel to be patient friendly, and to always think of your well-being and safety.


We believe that McCurtain Memorial Hospital needs to engage our community. We accomplish this through various activities and programs. We recently sponsored a Healthcare Career Fair for all area students and residents to introduce career opportunities to our teenagers. We co-sponsor a program designed to educate new mothers without a support system about becoming a parent called Bright Beginnings. We constructed, along with the help of the City of Idabel and the County, a quarter-mile walking trail for use by the public. This has become one of the more popular places in town and it is on our campus. We are a member of the area Chambers of Commerce and participate in many of their community programs. We also provide a Health Fair for our Community on an annual basis.

We offer clinical rotations for medical students from the School of Osteopathy at Oklahoma State University and clinical rotations for Physician Assistants through the same program. We are also affiliated with the University of Oklahoma to provide clinical rotations for 3rd and 4th year medical students.

We are proud to be working for a healthier community.