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Swing Bed

Thank you for exploring our facility for your rehabilitation requirements. McCurtain Memorial Hospital aims to provide a reassuring option for individuals who have completed acute inpatient hospital care but may not yet be ready to return home due to lingering health concerns or limited strength.

What is a "Swing Bed Unit"?

At McCurtain Memorial Hospital, our Swing Bed Unit offers a seamless transition from acute care to skilled nursing facility (SNF) care, providing patients with the convenience of staying in one location without the hassle of transferring between hospitals, nursing facilities, or managing multiple appointments.


Our dedicated staff offers structured treatment services in a therapeutic environment, including daily nursing care by registered nurses and rehabilitative therapists, to support each patient's journey to recovery.

This post-acute care program caters to patients transitioning from acute care who require temporary additional support that cannot be provided at home or through outpatient care. Through a combination of focused rehabilitative therapies, attentive nursing care, and medical supervision, patients regain strength, functionality, balance, and range of motion, empowering them to care for themselves with confidence.

Who qualifies for Swing Bed?

Patients may qualify for the Swing Bed Unit if their medical needs exceed what can be managed at home, yet their condition no longer necessitates an acute care setting stay. To be referred to the Swing Bed Unit, patients must have completed a qualifying three-day acute care hospital stay, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria for admission. This requirement mandates three consecutive days in one or more hospitals, including the day of admission and discharge.

What services are included in Swing Bed care?

Swing Bed can provide a wide range of skilled nursing care that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vital Sign Monitoring

  • IV medication Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

Who do I call to see if my loved one or myself qualifies?

We have a team available to help you in ensuring that you or your loved one qualifies for the Swing Bed program.


For more information call 580-208-3102.

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