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Visit Obstetrics!

McCurtain Memorial Hospital Obstetrics 
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When entering our Obstetrics Department your will notice to your right the signage dedicating our OB department to Dr William Herron. Dr. Herron has delivered thousands of babies at MMH over the years!

Waiting room.jpeg

At MMH we want your family to be comfortable while awaiting the arrival of their new loved one. Our waiting room not only provides an area for the adults, but also an area for the sibling who will soon be a big brother or sister!

Delivery room1.jpeg

Our large delivery rooms ensure plenty of room for family and friends while you labor! Your newborn will be examined after delivery on a warm bed within arms reach of you and your partner.

Baby warmer Panda.jpeg

Our state of the art infant warmers (you will hear them referred to as "The Panda") can provide warmth, oxygen, suction, and monitor your precious newborn's vital signs. 

Our OB team at McCurtain Memorial cannot wait to celebrate you and your newborn on delivery day!
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