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Delivery Types

At McCurtain Memorial Hospital we do both vaginal deliveries, and cesarean sections (primary and repeat).

What you can expect during labor:

  • When you arrive to MMH OB Department a trained nurse will assess you, gather health information, and contact your provider.

  • A nurse will place external fetal monitoring on your abdomen to track your contractions and your baby’s heart rate.

  • A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is always on call for pain relief if desired. If you are wanting to experience an unmedicated birth please let our staff know, so that they may assist you in your journey.

  • We are supportive in your choice of using a birthing ball during uncomplicated labor, and will have it available for you to use.

  • We support and encourage skin to skin contact after delivery, provided there are no complications.

  • Babies are allowed and encouraged to stay in the room with mom for bonding throughout your stay at MMH.

  • Most uncomplicated vaginal delivery mothers are discharged within 24-48 hours after delivery.

What to expect during a cesarean delivery:

  • The mother will be given a time to arrive to the obstetrics unit during her preoperative workup. Please ensure that you are on time.

  • When you arrive to the unit a nurse will greet you, and take you to your room. This will also be the room you come back to after surgery.

  • Your nurse will prepare you for surgery (IV, abdominal prep, you will also be placed on external fetal monitor)

  • You will have the opportunity to speak with the CRNA and physician prior to going into the operating room.

  • For uncomplicated c-sections we encourage you to have a partner or family member present with you. Other family members will be allowed to wait in the waiting room area.

  • After your c-section you will be brought back to your post-partum room to recover. It is vital to remember you are in recovery from a major surgery. We encourage this time to bond with your infant.

  • If you have an uncomplicated c-section, most mothers are discharged within 48-72 hours.


Expecting the Unexpected:

Although most deliveries are uncomplicated, we must always be prepared for the unexpected. We want you to know that if the unexpected does happen our team is prepared, and trained to handle any situation that may arise.  

McCurtain Memorial Hospital Obstetrics 
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