MMH responds to indictment of former CEO

McCurtain Memorial Hospital has been informed of the indictment of former Chief Executive Officer Brad S. Morse. We have been asked for comment by local and regional media outlets, as well as community residents.

Mr. Morse served as the CEO at McCurtain Memorial Hospital for three years. He was released on Friday, February 18, 2022. Beyond that, the Hospital cannot comment on personnel matters.

Insofar as Mr. Morse’s indictment, it would not be proper for MMH to comment, The grand jury spoke and the outcome will be played out in the courts.

Under the direction and support of the Board of Trustees, an entire leadership change occurred at MMH just days after Mr. Morse’s release. Since then, MMH has been successful in placing a new Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer; and other Department heads. The Hospital has hired close to 20 new nurses and support staff in just two weeks – many of whom have returned after having left under a previous leadership.

The Board of Trustees is aggressively searching for a CEO to fill the vacancy. Candidates are being presented by local commissioners, the medical staff, and a recruiting firm has been retained. Together, the Board and MMH are searching for the right candidate and have welcomed input from various leaders in the community. The Board has been instrumental in providing the support and guidance needed to ensure stability at MMH. Board President Kendra Gross is actively engaged and visible at the Hospital and the entire board has been readily available to make decisions.

The Hospital is fully operational, and we are doing what we do best and that’s providing care to our patients. Our clinics are busy and this is what we are focused on. There has been a culture change at MMH to which we believe any of our valuable staff member would attest. It’s a new day at MMH and we are committed to moving forward.


MMH cannot move the Hospital nor our people forward if we stay focused on the past. We are asking that the people of McCurtain County join hands with us and reassure the people that matter most (our employees) that they are supported. Whether a nurse or a dietary worker, a maintenance technician or a physician – our people matter and will be the key to moving us into the future. We invite others to come and apply or reapply. You have a home at MMH if you desire to provide great care and be a part of change.

The journey has begun: come along for the ride.

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