Employees to enjoy reduced cost for meals and nighttime meal options added

Beginning April 4, all MMH employees and visitors will enjoy standardized pricing In the cafeteria. Dietary Manager, Gina Segraves, announced that the flat fee for meals will be $4.00 plus tax.

“Our goal has never been to profit from our employees,” Gina said on Wednesday. “In fact, we should be able to feed our employees and visitors and as long as we can break even, it’s the right thing to do.”

Gina said she believes that she can consistently develop a menu where the employee or visitor receives an entree, starch, vegetable and dessert,” for the new price-point.

“Our night crew is consistently left out.”

Gina also announced on Wednesday that on April 4, dietary will begin to offer grill orders to night shift employees at the hospital. Staff working the overnight shift will have until 7:30PM to place their grill orders. Currently, nighttime employees have no options for meals. “Our night crew is consistently left out.” Gina said.

“I support Gina and these decisions. Our employees are an asset and if we can provide a small break of meal prices and still not hurt the hospital financially, I think it’s a win/win,” Chief Operating Officer, Brian Whitfield, said.

“Our people work hard - the least we can do is feed them.” Brian said.

The new pricing begins April 4, 2022.

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