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Historically, McCurtain Memorial Hospital has relied upon contracts with locum tenens groups (contracted physician groups) to provide Hospitalist coverage at the hospital. However, since early 2022, the hospital has been fortunate to hire its own Hospitalist team. A Hospitalist is a physician or practitioner that accepts admissions and practices medicine within the hospital for inpatients. Each day, our Hospitalist rounds the floor, seeing all patients, and working with the patient, family and nursing team, provides guidance on patient care. The Hospitalist is focused on superior care and patient outcomes.

Dr. Nitin Sawheny, M.D., is the Director of our Hospitalist team at McCurtain Memorial Hospital. Accompanying Dr. Sawheny is Heather England, FNP and Hollie Sharrock, FNP. 

For nearly a year now, this team has provided exceptional care to hundreds of patients while also maintaining their own respective practices within the State of Oklahoma and City of Idabel. Because of their close working relationship, our three dedicated Hospitalist provide a continuity of care that is second-to-none. 


Dr. Nitin Sawheny


Hollie Sharrock, FNP


Heather England, FNP

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