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Great News! If you completed all steps in your onboarding tasks, you're all done! If you need to go back, now is the time to do that. Simply hit the "back" button now or click here!

Here's some additional information you will need to know now that you have completed all of your onboarding tasks. Please read the below information carefully. If you have questions, please contact Human Resource at 580-208-3260 or send an email to

Emergency Alert System
MMH has an emergency alert system wherein Employee's can sign up for emergency text messages and calls when there is an emergency at the Hospital or community. You are NOT required to register for this service, but if you would l ike to be added, please register now.

Employee Meal System
MMH provides reduced priced meals for all Employee's. Your cost is $4 per meal. Employees are able to either pay cash each day or you may have meal tickets withdrawn from your paycheck. You can purchase meal tickets once you are notified that you are set up in the system. To purchase meal tickets, once you are set up in the system by HR, click here!

The Hospital uses an electronic time clock system called Kronos. You will need to know your EMPLOYEE ID and the last 4-digits of your social security number to login the very first time and you will be prompted to change your password. You will receive an email with your Employee ID as soon as you complete your onboarding steps which are laid out above.


If your position requires that you have access to Meditech, the Hospitals electronic health record (EMR) system, you will receive a separate notification to your email that has that information contained in the email. Your initial login for this system, if access is granted, will be firstname.lastname@mccurt.local (not your personal) such as  John.doe@mccurt.local  and your first password will be NewLogin66. Immediately after signing in, you will need to change the password.

The Hospital hosts an Employee Only intranet as an extension to our website. Our website,, is where you will access the intranet from. You will need to Register first and you MUST use your HOSPITAL EMAIL and create a password. If you do not use your hospital email to register, your access will not be granted. 

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