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After Your Miracle is Born

Our private post-partum rooms offer a bed for both you and your loved one, so that you are both as comfortable as possible while recovering and bonding with your newborn. Your nurse will assist you in providing support and education on numerous topics including, but not limited to the following: feeding and nourishing your newborn, bathing, diapering, umbilical cord care, safe sleep, newborn screenings, and what to expect when you get home. We always encourage you to ask questions, and will always make sure you feel supported in this new journey of life.

We always encourage your baby to stay in the room with you to bond, but in the unforeseen circumstance that your baby needs additional support or medical attention our staff and nursery is equipped to handle a variety of situations. Newborns who do require more definitive care are transferred out of our hospital. Rest assured that you will stay up to date with anything happening with your infant.



We understand that your family and friends are eager to meet your new bundle of joy. Please know that we support visitors, but if the time comes that you are feeling overwhelmed we will always support your choice to limit those visiting.

McCurtain Memorial Hospital Obstetrics 
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