McCurtain Memorial Hospital
New Employee Onboarding

A Letter from the CEO


Welcome to McCurtain Memorial Hospital!

We want to say, "Welcome to the team!" and let you know that we are very excited that you chose to join us. It is my sincere hope that you find MMH an enjoyable work experience. Here, we are really working hard to hire only the right people who not only appreciate the culture that we have built here but have a sincere desire to contribute to that culture. Afterall, that's what family does, right?

This is the onboarding portal for new hires. We have attempted to make this as seamless as possible and make it easy to accomplish each task with minimal work on your part. As you know, we are required by law to collect certain information from you and that is what this process allows us to do. It is extremely important that you understand that complete, accurate and thorough information is necessary and incomplete, inaccurate information could cause a delay in your start date and could also cause you to be removed from the hiring process for up to six months. We don't want that and we know you don't either - so help us in collecting the necessary information the first time around and we can be past this.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. You will need a valid (non-expired) Photo ID to be considered for employment.
2. You will need to provide a copy of your social security card. We do use e-Verify to verify all employees' identity.

3. We will need copies of all licenses, certifications and registrations if you are applying for a position that requires it. 

4. You must complete your drug screen and physical within 72 hours of being scheduled or you will be removed from the hiring process.

5. A criminal offense / record may prevent you from employment at MMH.

6. A positive drug screen will result in immediate disqualification from employment.

7. Failure to complete the entire onboarding process may result in you being removed from the hiring process if incomplete or not completed in a timely manner. This includes cooperation with the Employee Health Nurse.